Monday, August 18, 2008

5 days!!!!

We are REALLY coming down to the wire now. Today is Mon, on Wed the rest of our team comes in and we start processing and then we leave on Sat. And then we are on our way to what is bound to be a fantastic month.

I was in Chicago this weekend and had a great time as usual. Watching Michael Phelps win his gold medals was nothing short of incredible. The greatest Olympian ever...imagine having that title...

It was extra hard to say goodbye since I really won't be seeing Dick again for another month. I will see him in Beijing but how much I will see of him, whether just waving from the stands or perhaps a lunch is yet to be seen. All I know is that it will be small amounts of time we will get to spend together, if any. It made it better knowing that the next time I would be in Chicago would be for good. As much as I have enjoyed the ride here and am looking so so forward to the next month, I am ready to get back to Chicago and see Dick everyday and start a somewhat normal life.

I have decided not to start back up with my work at Scheck and Siress until Jan. There are so many things that are already on the calendar once i get back. Between weddings, visiting long overdue family and friends, speaking engagements, triathlons, marathons, plus some much needed relaxing, it will be a welcomed 3 month break. Plus Dick and I just bought tickets to spend the New Year in Rome with some friends to start the year on a good note.

In practice we have begun a bit of a taper. Our practices are a little shorter and the intensity is down a little. I say a little, because tonight's practice was quite the difficult one. A lot of sprinting with little rest made it challenging but good.

I have been receiving quite a bit of good luck mail and I appreciate all of it. Thanks to all who have sent it along. Especially the one I got today, it made me smile..A LOT. thanks snoop:)

I had dinner with the Stockwell family tonight for the last time until I get back. Dick's parents, grandma, cousins and aunts and uncles have been so supportive since I have been out here. I have been lucky enough to see most of them quite a few times and always enjoy my time with them. Thanks Stockwell family!

We just finished watching the movie Miracle and it's time for bed. I'm going to go to bed dreaming of the impossible, as that seems to be the theme with the Olympics and the movie we just watched...

I'll write again after we start in- processing and get all our cool U.S.A. gear on Wed.

Good night!

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bondonsplichal said...

the best thing about retirement is being able to stay up and watch the olympics live, and it has really pumped us up in anticipation for the next few weeks. Gold ,Silver or Bronse, we know you can do it you already have the HEART. We will be praying and rooting all the way, we have "little leg" on the frig door and she gives us a smile every day. Good luck to you all! GOD BLESS THE USA. Love, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Don