Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Awe

As I sit here and watch the Olympics I am in awe of what I see. These athletes, so many having trained all their lives for this moment, are so inspiring that I want to go to Beijing now. Watching Michael Phelps win his first gold medal last night almost put me in tears. Here you have a guy that may possibly one of the best athletes of all time and he still gets emotional when winning his first medal in Beijing and wishes he could find his mom in the crowd. He is such an incredible athlete, stretching the limits more than anyone ever has. I am pulling for his 8 gold medal streak...

I woke up this morning and was so excited about everything, watching the Olympics, going to the Paralympics all I could do was sit on my bed and smile. I just didn't know what to do with myself. I finally decided to search the NBC Olympic site for a while, reading all the articles I could find. After running a few errands I am back here in my room anxious to watch them tonight. 36 more minutes...

The opening ceremonies was incredible, I can only imagine the feelings of pride I am going to have when I walk into that stadium. I hope that our opening ceremonies are similar to the Olympic ones. To see all that in person would be amazing.

After watching all this coverage I am beyond ready to start practice this week. I just want to get in the pool and swim. I know our whole team will be even more motivated and excited than ever. Tje Olympic spirit is in the air!

33 min now. I'm going to go sit in front of the TV just in case they start early....I don't want to miss a thing.


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