Friday, August 22, 2008

One more...

OK, I couldn't resist one last post to put some pictures up. We had our team picture today and these are some of my teammates and I. The jackets that we are wearing are our team jackets and these are the ones we'll be traveling in.

We did just hear some exciting news. There is a rumor that NBC may be broadcasting 3 hours of Paralympic coverage a day including highlights. If this is the case, there will be many emails being sent out and hoepfully word will get to you all as to when that would be shown. This is a huge step for the Paralympic movement and would be awesome. SO, stay tuned...

I am all packed and ready to go. Tomorrow will be an early morning. I'll be up at about 4:30am to get in a quick swim from 5-6 before eating some breakfast and getting on a bus for the airport. I think our flight leaves around 9.

If I am able I will try and post some other pics throughout the time I am away. There are really strict blogging guidelines and I can't post and pics that show a sporting event taking place or opening ceremonies. And when I write, I can only talk of myself and not my teammates. So I'll have to be careful with that.

This is definitely it for now as I have to pack my computer up in a few hours. Thanks for all your support. I am so lucky to have the family and friends that I have.



Michele Simonetty said...

Hi. I have become familiar with your story through Take Pride. You are an inspiration and my entire family is rooting for you. Go USA!!

Good luck,

Michele Simonetty & family
Poughquag, NY

Annie said...

one word..... LZR! I was dying laughing at your experience getting it on. Its the bomb dot com though. Cant wait, very anxious to hear you succeed. I will be wearing my shirt all week!
p.s. my advice, go to the opening ceremonies! You deserve a minute to take it all in. You will still kick butt melissa not matter what.

Zoe said...

Hi Melissa,
I have just been reading your blogs after quite a search to find you. I saw your story on Rebuilt: Human Body Parts, from the OPC. It was only shown on TV over here (England) a couple of days ago and I was so taken back by your story. You are an amazing woman and a true inspiration to many. I may be British, but I will be cheering with the best of them for every even for you! :o)

May all the luck in the world be with you!
Zoe, Bob, Luke and bump!