Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A championship, a wedding (not mine), a camp and a lotta love.

Updating my blog has been on my to do list for a few weeks. And as many of you know, a check off the to-do list makes any day better. So here we go, it's been quite the busy two months.

Let's talk triathlon first. I know, it's a shocker to you all that I love to talk triathlon...

Paratriathlon nationals was on Memorial Day in Austin, TX. The same venue as last year, the CapTex tri. Dare2tri boasted a team of 12! athletes that competed at nationals. This was only 12 of 84 (i think) and the largest Paratriathlon division ever. Exciting times. The race was Monday and this year my Tri2 division had 5 athletes. Doesn't sound like much, but much better than the 3 we've had in past years. The race was on Memorial Day Monday and as
always, the national anthem, on Memorial Day, before a big race, always sends a chill up my spine. That combined with my 12 trips (no joke) to the porta potty and I was ready. The gun went off and I swam as fast as I could, biked as fast as I could and attempted to do the same on the run. My swim and bike were great and I was happy with the times. I was ahead as I headed out on my run expecting to be back 28 min later as that was what my training told me. The run started out OK but about a mile in, I had some neuroma issues in my residual limb and had to stop multiple times the last 2 miles. I'll explain a neuroma next, but having to stop every few minutes to let this pain subside, at nationals, when your unsure where your competition is,
is quite nerve wracking. (No pun intended) Especially when it's not a loop course so you really can't see where they are. But. I rounded the corner to the finish, knew the title was mine and held that flag high as I crossed into my 3x Paratriathlon National Champ status. Hugs and high fives and realizing that I was pretty proud regardless of the run. Hailey was next and seeing her cross is always a moving sight as we've seen her progress from her first running
leg into a World Class triathlete. Dare2tri finished the day with 7 podium finishes and the day was a huge success. Let me repeat, 7 podium finishes! 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze. The next big stop for our elite team will be Paratriathlon Worlds in London in Sep.

Back to that neuroma. A neuroma is a bundle of nerves that grows where the end of a nerve was severed. Happens in some people, and some are lucky and never have one. It becomes this golf ball size bundle of nerves that can be extremely painful when touched. Just so happens that I have one in my limb that gets aggravated when running. To the point that I have to stop and let is subside before running again. The pain subsides quick but can come back as soon as you start back. I have gotten a few shots of local anesthetic to numb the nerves in hopes those shots will get me through race season. I don't like needles, or neuromas, but somehow the 2 together are supposed to work. Go figure. After the IM in Nov I'll have to look into surgery to
get it removed. It's not fun.

Back to the fun stuff. After Nationals we made a quick trip home and then off to the land of sun and fun, MEXICO! One of my best friends, Dare2tri co-founder and executive director and one of the greatest people in this world, Keri, married her lovely fiance Larry in Riveria Maya on June 1st. Think bonefires with guitars, the endless food of buffets, daiquiris, beach party's, swim up pool bars, biking around the resort, the Mayakoba 'do it your way' triathlon, yoga on the beach, an early wedding day run and more. And we haven't even gotten to the wedding! The morning of the wedding was a little cloudy with some dark clouds rolling in my mid-afternoon. The wedding was on the beach with the reception under this awesome, rustic pavilion by the water. The ceremony started and the clouds came closer. A light sprinkling during the ceremony and the umbrellas went up. As soon as we were done, and under cover, the down pour started. When I say down pour, I mean down. pour. And if
you thought it rained for 20 min in Mexico and then stopped, you are wrong. A good 5 hours of serious, serious rain. And the coolest part about it is nobody cared. Keri, in her wedding day bliss, beautiful dress and all, got out there with Larry and danced in the rain. And we all followed. And we danced, and danced and got soaked. And even after I realized my dress was see through and had to dance with a towel around me, it didn't matter. It was a whole new meaning to dancing in the rain. And Keri and Larry give off so much love. To each other, to their friends and to their family. It was a night to remember and we came home filled with so much love and happiness. And a new appreciation for the rain.

The next weekend was our Dare2tri 3 day camp. This year we had 25 athletes, 5 of who flew in from out of state along with some of our elite level coaches. This year was just as moving and inspiring as the last. Two days of coaching, clinics and workouts that lead up to a super sprint triathlon on the last day. To see a bilateral below the knee amputee that hasn't swam in 30 years get in the lake and swim. To see a recent amputee get on a handcycle and say it's the first time they've smiled in 6 months. Another above the knee amputee who puts on a new running leg and runs across the parking lot. A stroke victim that 'joggles' her way to the finish. These are things that move and inspire us. These are the things that make Dare2tri what it is. And on Sunday, at the triathlon, we saw multiple athletes become triathletes as they crossed there first finish line. And as 8yo Amanda crosses the line and minutes later runs up to congratulate the bilateral BK who is a new triathlete. THAT is what it's about. I am so honored and lucky to be a part of this incredible team and group. It changes lives. It's changed mine.

A few other quick, exciting tidbits is I was on the Katie Couric show as part of a Salute your troops episdoe. The surprised me with 10K for Dare2tri! You can see it here.
Last weekend Brian and I went camping for the first time. biking and fishing and campfires and smores and thunderstorms, it was the perfect weekend, couldn't of asked for anything more.

And last, but certainly not least, Brian and I had our 2 year anniversary on Mon. How that happened, I have no clue. But 2 great years with a handsome man that I get to ride bikes with, eat chocolate dipped ice cram cones with and live a life of love with. I hit the jackpot. He, Jake and I make a good team.

And next, the training continues and gets longer. 5 short months till 140.6 miles happens. It's time to get serious.
And speaking of serious. Update blog. Check!