Friday, July 25, 2008

The Air is Rare

The Air is 7250 feet that is what was written on the wall at our swim meet at the Air Force Academy today and yesterday. I did the 200 free, the 200 IM, the 200 fly and the 400 fly. Unfortunately, I have no exciting news to report. I did drop some time in my 200IM but I rarely do that event so that is too be expected. The 400 free and the 200 fly were especially rough, whether it was the lack of air or just being tired I don't know. Most likely a combination of both. That was our last meet before Beijing and I was hoping to do better but I;'m OK with it. I'm confident in our training and what I can accomplish in Beijing.

Dick finished up with camp yesterday and got here last night. Tomorrow we start the drive to Kansas City, KS and then onto St. Louis, MO where I will fly back to CO on SUnday. It should be a fun drive. Really, I like road trips, especially with DIck who I haven't gotten to spend near enough time with lately so I am looking forward to it.

Next week is filled with a number of media interviews. ESPN, NBC and MTV. I think they will be more frequent now that the games are approaching. I'll try and keep you all posted as to when they will be airing.

This past Wed. I helped teach a swim clinic for some visually impared kids and for some blind disabled vets from Iraq. It was the first time I have ever tried to tach any sort of swimming and I really enjoyed it. I admit I didn't know what I was doing exactly but they all seemed real receptive too it. Working with the wounded vets was a great experience. There is an obvious connection with them right off the bat and I enjoyed myself. It actually made me miss the Army a little bit.

Time for bed now so we can get up and make the long drive tomorrow. Have a good weekend!


InsideEdgePR said...

Hope you and Dick have a safe, fun journey, Melissa! Looking forward to more updates along the way....

Annie said...

Jason is talking to Dick right now on the phone so I decided to say hello also. We miss you guys so much. I love hearing about what you are up to, which is a lot these days. Keep up the hard work, its going to all pay off Miss Melissa. You are always such a great example to me on balancing all that life throws our way. Hope to hear from you soon and so glad you started this blog. Its a great way to keep us all up to date.
chow darling