Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a year.

Well, hello there. Typically I would now comment on the lack of updates in the past month, but since it’s been much longer than that, I’ll refrain and just say hello. I am feeling especially reflective today as today marks the one year mark of my divorce. And while it could be a sad day if I chose for it to be, I look back at the past year and think about how awesome it’s been, how I’ve changed, what I’ve gained, and really surprising myself the difference a year can make.
A few highlights from the past year before I get to the last few months… (this may be a repeat if you got my Xmas card) But here goes: Watching dare2tri become a thriving Paratriathlon club, an ESPY nominee, new friends, a 2x World Champion, an incredible new boyfriend, Paratriathlete of the year, toughing out some hard times, a Hartford commercial, the best 4- legged companion, good travels, good laughs and realizing how much life has to offer. So, as you can see, if I looked back at the past year and thought of any word other than incredible, you might have to call me crazy. And through it all, I realize that the opportunities to be gained from tough situations are often underestimated. I’ve found out about myself, learned that I will always choose to love and be loved, even with the risks that come along with it, and that life just plain rocks. So there.

The last few months haven’t been too shabby either. There’s been the usual hours at work, where I continue to have the support of Scheck and Siress as they allow me to take time off to do the other things I love. There’s been some travel for speeches, family and continued work with WWPs board of directors. The holidays were spent in both Michigan with Brian’s family and in SC with mine. My favorite times of year are when my whole family gets to be together and having Brian there this year was a great addition to the fun. All 4 of my nieces and nephews, my sister, brother in- law and my parents can always find a good time. This year was especially good since it was my parents 40th wedding anniversary on Dec 29. We started the day off with a family trip to do some zip lining, then think candles, a harmonica player and bus boy (Brian), a chef (Amanda), a wait staff (yours truly), the newlywed game and re- creating their first dance from 40 years ago. I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents that are still so active in our lives and it was extra special to celebrate the big 4-0 with them. Love you mom and dad! New years was a night filled with many libations and the excitement of what the new year could bring. If anyone could tell me how it’s already the end of Feb, please clue me in.

In early Jan there was a ski trip to Steamboat with Adaptive Adventures. We had a group of 6 girls from Chicago go and it was about as fun as you could get. Skiing, hot tubs, 4pm dance parties, birthday celebrations, trampoline jumping, and on and on.. I head to Vail for the Vail Veterans Program in a week and know it will be just as fun.

I gracefully aged into he 32nd year of my life. What it means to gracefully age into it, I have no idea, but it sounds good. Life in my early 30’s continues to be the best years of my life.

With the winter in Chicago (as mild as it may be) it’s been more training than racing. There was the ½ marathon in early Dec at Kiawah Island, SC. It was my sister and Brian’s first one and they both beat me by a long shot. I was extremely proud of them and they both proudly display the 13.1 magnets on the back of their cars, as they should. I think Amanda is planning another one in the next year and Brian (or maybe me) courageously signed up for a ½ IRONMAN (go big or go home, right?) We will do the ½ Ironman together in Door County on July 22 with a few other friends. But first I am concentrating on the Paratriathlon Nationals, which are on May 28 in Austin, TX. Many hours of my weeks are spent swimming, biking and running and I have the hope that this year will be just as good as last year. And speaking of last year, I was just named the 2011 Paratriathlete of the year for the second year in a row. An honor I am humbled by as I feel many others could be awarded this award. Here I have to give thanks to those that continue to believe in me and cheer me on along the way. CAF, dare2tri, WWP, my parents, Brian, good friends and my coach Stacee Seay. I’m a lucky girl. My full race schedule is on my website but the big events are nationals in May and Worlds in Oct in New Zealand, woot woot! Door County 70.3 will be my longest race, no marathons this year. But next year I may actually train correctly for another one in hopes I crush my NYC marathon time.

So, there you are. I would say I’d write more frequently but that’s obviously a promise I can’t keep. So for now hope for more flight delays as I sit and wait for my flight and perhaps more days of reflection.
Life is good people, life is good. Never forget that.

Peace Out!



Benchmark said...

You're a beautiful piece of music.

Oh, and live "The Kiss"

Paul Gentry said...

Dana Perino says she's got a pic of you & president Bush dancing somewhere.... didn't show up in her tweet though. Keep on kickin' ass young lady!