Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Leg turns 5

How has it been a month already. I feel like I wrote on here just last week but turns out it's been 5. Whoops.

So, here we go. And I thought last month was busy...

This past month I will term as the 'Vegas' month as I was in Vegas twice within 3 days of each other. The first trip was an exciting last minute opportunity that I couldn't pass up. WWP got 6 seats for wounded vets to attend the CMA's (Country Music Award) with a guest and I am a huge country music fan so the answer was yes. Trace Adktins and the West Point Glee Club perfomed a song that night called 'Till the Last Shots Were Fired' that was dedicated to both fallen Soldiers and Wounded Veterans. At the awards show there was a donation table set up for WWP and the support was incredible. If you download the song from itunes all proceeds go towards WWP so before you read any further, go listen to it on itunes and click 'buy'....
Thanks. Back to Vegas trip #1. I brought one of my best friends Megan and we had an absolute blast. We got to get all dressed up, see all the big country music stars we hear on the radio, see multiple performances by Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, etc.and we even got back stage at an after show performance. We kept pinching ourselves wondering if we were really there. It was an awesome time.

I flew back to Chicago on Monday only to fly back to Vegas on Thursday. This trip #2 had been planned since Jan and was a girls weekend in Vegas with 3 of my college friends. Eating, drinking, shopping, dancing, sightseeing, sunburns, spas, you name it, we did it. Saying it was awesome would be an understatement. I went back to Chicago that Sunday exhausted from two weekends in Vegas but I wouldn't have changed anything. You can't beat spending time with great friends you don't see enough of. Many memories...

I was out in CA for a CAF triathlon as well. The Oceanside 70.3 half Ironman where I did the swim on a relay. 50 degree water made for a chilly 1.2 mile swim but I was happy with my time. My goal was under 30 min and I did 31:00 I think so I was pretty close. We had an East Coast vs. West Coast relay team rivalry and my team came out on top. We were excited. I don't want to kee repeating myself with this but the people involved with CAF and Operation Rebound are such great people and I feel honored every time I am around them. They really do inspire me.

Now for the biggest even that took place this past month, Little Leg's 5th birthday. Yes, on April 13th it was 5 whole years since I lost my leg. I can't believe how fast time flies. It is always a special day to look back and reflect on what the years have brought. I can honestly say that knowing where I am in life now, I would go back and do it all over again. I am just so happy.
My boss, Dave, made the day extra special by asking me to join him at the Cubs opener at Wrigley Field. So LL and I spent the afternoon cheering on the Cubs as they won their first home game. Can't beat that.
On April 18th we celebrated the birthday and had about 35 people at the party. A good number of them flew in from out of town and I got to see some friends and family I hadn't seen in a long time. My battle buddy from the Army, Mandee, flew in from Seattle and it was extra special having her there. Two of my teammates from Beijing made the trip up along with my sibling in- laws. The usual drinking out of the socket took place which is always the party highlight. Now a week later, its hard to believe she is on her way to being 6. It will be here before we know it.

With all my travels it has been difficult to keep up the workouts but I am trying my best. I have done well at keeping up with the armbike and have done multiple 3 hour rides inside on the trainer. It's not as much fun as it sounds... 3 hours. Inside. Riding a bike. After hour 2 it is such a mental game to stay on the bike. Now that the weather is getting warmer hopefully those rides can be done outside but early morning ones will always have to be in the house. No fun at all.

I was having some socket issues for a while that was limiting my running. Fortunately I got a new socket and last weekend I ran outside and did a mile in 9min 48 sec. It was my fastest mile by 4 minutes and I was sooo pumped. I was so sore I could barely move the next morning but that didn't curb the excitement. This weekend I am attempting my first 5K and would love to run the whole thing. The mile wasn't easy, so 3 will be tough but I'm going to give it a shot. Dick ran with me last weekend and set a pretty good pace. He's going to do the same this weekend so that should help.

Swimming is what I am missing the most as I travel so much. I go as much as I can but at this point to get ready for my Alaska race I need to make sure I get all my armbike riding in which can cut in on my swim workouts. After Alaska, I will focus on swimming a little more and am looking forward to continuing the running.

The next few months don't really slow down for me too much. All this travelling gets exhausting at times but I always enjoy the events once I am there. I am writing this from Palm Beach, FL as I spoke to the JFK Medical Foundation today. My dad came to watch and it was great to see him. We got to sit and relax by the ool for a bit once we were done here.
Next week I am headed to DC for Soldier Ride, and then to Vegas (again) for a CAF tri, and then Ohio for a swim meet, and then and then and seems to go on and on. I am looking forward to things slowing down at some point. Having a straight two weeks at home would be great but I think I'm into August before that happens.

Time for me to head to the airport now.
Until next time....

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